Sell your business yourself, or use a broker

DIY selling your business

Selling a business could be one of the biggest decisions an owner makes in his/her business career. Once selling the business has been given the green light, the next matter to resolve is whether to sell privately or through a business broker. Here are some things to consider before deciding; How much time do you […]

Properly valuing your business to sell using add-backs

Business Valuation

When selling a business, establishing the correct figures is one of the most critical aspects of the process.  Buyers will be incredibly diligent, and keen to effectively analyse the financials of the business.  Accountants will generally advise their business-owner clients of the best ways to legally minimise their tax obligations. As a result, many small businesses […]

Is Spring a good time to sell your business?

Selling in Spring

In the real estate world, Spring is the prime time to sell a house. Gardens are blooming, houses are warmer…things look great! We often get asked, if this is the same for businesses? The right season depends on a huge variety of factors, including the business itself, its surroundings and the industry. Every business sale […]