Buying a Business

The Buying Process

Buying a business may be one of the biggest investments you make

So, it’s worth understanding the steps to take to ensure the transfer of ownership goes as smoothly as possible! There are 9 main steps to buying a business, and we can help you all the way!

  1. Enquire after a business you have found advertised for sale

  2. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement so that the existing owner of the business knows that their important information is safe

  3. Review the Information Memorandum to see if the business is the right fit for you.

  4. Check your compatibility see if you’re the right fit

  5. Due Diligence to check financials in more detail

  6. Formally Express your interest in the business 

  7. Negotiate the price to buy the business

  8. Deposit & Contract of the business sale

  9. Settlement and Handover of the business

Buyers Agent Service

Buying a business is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you make in your lifetime, so it pays to have a full understanding of the process.

What does a buyers agent do?

Here at The Brokerage Connection, we are a team of licensed professionals who can work for you (the buyer) and act on your behalf to search, evaluate and negotiate the purchase. We ensure that you are as informed as possible, so that we can guide you to the right price.

We keep your information confidential and act with discretion

We understand all aspects of confidentiality and can connect you privately to your investment goal with minimum fuss.

At any stage of the buying process, we’re here to help.

From dreaming about your future business, to scoping to see if you fit the mould, to checking if you’re financially secure to making the big purchase, we’re with you all the way.

Speak to one of our friendly brokers today! Call 1300 466 455 or get in touch here.

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